Dragonfly Glass Bird Bath Bowl  

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Dragonfly Glass Bird Bath Bowl.  

Dragonfly Glass Bird Bath Bowl.  
Colorful dragonfly design.
Includes glass bird bath bowl and detachable two-piece metal stake with a three-pronged bottom.
Weather-resistant finish prevents rust from developing.
Easily clean glass bowl with warm water.
Measures approximately 10”L x 10W x 26 -75H.
Beckon feathered friends to your yard with an elegant yet functional bird bath. Regardless of your geographic location, birds need a year-round dependable source of clean drinking water, as well as a place to bathe and preen.Fill a bath with fresh, shallow water to keep birds cool and give them the ability to remove dirt, dust, and parasites from their plumage. Adding a bath to your outdoor space can double the variety of birds that visit. With the proper equipment and placement, the bath will be the delight of humans and winged creatures alike!.
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