Pineapple Green Glass Garden Torch

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Pineapple Green Glass Garden Torch

Pineapple Green Glass Garden Torch.



  • Convertible 3-in-1 torch: full-size torch 65'' tall, garden torch 50'' tall, 8'' Table torch
  • Design integrated snuffer.
  • Easy to assemble 4-piece pole. No tools required.
  • Stylish Green Glass pineapple design.
  • Pineapple torch welcomes guests your yard, garden or table with natural flame ambiance. It's a 65-in. torch, a 50-in. garden torch, or 8-in. table torch and burns up to 15 hours with each 35-oz. fill.



Whether you want to light up your yard, garden, or table, nothing says welcome to backyard like the natural flame ambiance of the Pineapple 3-in-1 Torch. Its inviting green glass design blends seamlessly with any decor and the integrated leaf-design snuffer keeps it looking good day or night. This versatile torch is 6-in. across and easily transforms from a 65-in. full-sized torch to a 50-in. garden torch. Remove the metal pole completely, and it becomes a lovely 8-in. centerpiece or accent piece. Use with Bite Fighter Fuel and enjoy proven mosquito repellency. The Pineapple 3-in-1 Torch comes complete with glass fuel vessel, four-piece pole, long-lasting wick, and the integrated snuffer to safely extinguish its flame. 

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